Which areas of your school are effected by GDPR?

Let's find out in these 3 steps.

Do you hold any data?

If so you will need to ensure this was gathered correctly and the parent/supplier has given consent. (GDPR SHIELD ticks the boxes for you to ensure you get the permission you need)

Do you store data?

If you store data you will have to ensure it is
stored securely. (GDPR SHIELD stores your data
in a high security data centre which is encrypted putting your mind at rest)

Do you collect new data?

You will need to ensure that a plan is in place to ensure this is done correctly. (GDPR SHIELD lets you invite new parents/suppliers with agreement and accepting tools)

So what next?

If you answered yes to any of the previous
questions then GDPR SHIELD is for your school.

Our solution will help your organisation with stored
data and ensure that future data is collected in a secure way
(with specific, positive and opted-in consent).
Giving you complete peace of mind.

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Personal data requirements

GDPR SHIELD software platform enables a school to request, receive and capture parents/suppliers consent for personal data and account opening purposes, making it easier share requests for data to on-board parents/suppliers. Your own secure online data vault stores every piece of personal data required by the school and creates a secure way of sharing and storing personal data.

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Your solution

Our software solution also provides a simple, documented
and auditable way of parents/suppliers withdrawing
their consent to hold data ensuring that all data processes
are GDPR compliant.

To this effect, our GDPR SHIELD comes with a reporting solution as standard,
enabling you to produce detailed compliance reports, specifically designed for data
auditing purposes. Our reporting tool enables you to provide clear evidence of
specific, positive, opted-in and freely given consent by parents/suppliers.

Our Packages

We like to keep things simple and secure here at SHIELD so we offer
three packages, depending on your school requirements.